About Animal Care Technologies

We have enriched veterinary practices all over the world.

About Animal Care Technologies

At the heart of a veterinary practice are people who serve animals and their owners. Our passion is providing the tools and resources for veterinary professionals so they can better care for animals and effectively communicate with clients.

ACT stands for Animal Care Technologies. For over 20 years, we have empowered thousands of practices to overcome low productivity and high turnover with video-based training. Our courses are designed to develop the technical knowledge and communications skills of veterinary staff.

As the trusted leader in staff training, ACT has partnered with top veterinary experts to author and produce resources that educate and empower entire veterinary teams. Dozens of our own team members have come from the veterinary industry to offer real-world insights for our training program and support.

“Veterinary team members represent the greatest asset to our practice. 20 years ago, I recognized the need to develop a culture of ongoing learning within veterinary practices and started producing training videos. Through ACT, millions of animals have benefited from the training received by tens of thousands of veterinary staff members.”

David Grant, DVM

CEO of Animal Care Technologies

Partnerships in the Veterinary Industry