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In this comprehensive training series, you will learn about the importance and function of fluid administration for veterinary patients. Discover what happens to the body during dehydration and methods of evaluating hydration status.  You will gain an understanding of the types of fluids commonly used and routes of administration; including intravenous and subcutaneous fluids.   We also discuss how to calculate fluid rates for re-hydration, maintenance and ongoing losses.  This is a perfect series for veterinary technicians and assistants wanting to gain a further understanding of these essential topics

  1. Physiology and Water Balance in the Body
  2. Indications for Fluid Therapy
  3. Types of Fluids
  4. Evaluating Hydration Status
  5. Calculating Fluid Requirements
  6. Setting up and Mixing Fluid Bags
  7. Routes of Administration
  8. Intravenous Fluid Therapy
  9. Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy
  10. Using Fluid Pumps

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