ACT Data will service practice management data needs for the veterinary industry

Denton, Texas – August 27, 2021 – Animal Care Technologies, a company offering software development, data extraction, multimedia production and content licensing for the veterinary industry, announced the launch of a new division, ACT Data. ACT Data will service the practice management data needs in the veterinary industry.

Animal Care Technologies has spent over 15 years integrating with veterinary practice management software (PiMS) to provide data driven services to the veterinary industry. Since the summer of 2019, the company has been developing a web service API to provide a robust PiMS data framework directly to partners without the need for custom software development.

ACT Data provides real-time PiMS data, reads data from both on-premise and cloud based PiMS, and seamlessly writes data back to the PiMS database. Custom reports can be created, as well as real-time BI reporting. It also offers a Payment Gateway Integration for seamless processing of credit and debit cards. Virtual Distribution connects with manufacturers, distributors and eCommerce providers so veterinary practices no longer have to worry about stock or inventory.

Hospital groups can harness the power of Animal Care Technologies’ PracticeSync to automatically populate data from all of their hospitals to one centralized marketing platform and take advantage of tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, Zoho, SalesForce and more. ACT Data’s standardization service uses automated processes and human intervention to standardize ALL products, services, diagnoses and many more PiMS data fields to one standardized codebase. This allows for the reporting and processing of only one set of data across all hospitals.

ACT Data can register microchips automatically, process insurance claims and quotes, and automate processes that normally take place outside of the PiMS. On-premises and cloud options are available.

Jono Brooks, Vice President of Animal Care Technologies, said, “Access to PiMS data has never been more critical in the animal health industry than it is today. Our entry into the space as an independent provider of practice data across both premise and cloud-based PiMS is a strategic outlet for those companies that are dependent upon reliable PiMS data for their success.”

David Grant, Founder and CEO of Animal Care Technologies, added, “Though we are launching ACT Data this year, our PiMS data technology is built upon over 15 years of experience developing integration for veterinary practice software for our own services and custom software that we’ve provided to our partners. Now we’ve built a platform that allows others to easily take advantage of this foundation to build their own processes and services that run on veterinary data.”

For more information, visit or contact to inquire about connectivity to the ACT Data platform.