Just Released!

ACT’s newest release Client Compliance and Retention, is full of useful information for practice managers and supervisors.  These valuable insights from industry leaders will help you discover steps to increase client compliance, satisfaction, and retention for your practice.  Understand the difference between objections and stalls when presenting recommendations to clients, and how to best handle these situations.  Decrease the risks for developing a bad reputation, and learn the steps to resolve client complaints in a manner that will restore their trust.  Discover how using smart devices can not only keep your clients informed, but also opens the opportunity for them to market your practice for you! These videos are sure to deliver new ideas that managers can implement and see immediate results.

  1. Bundling
  2. Objection vs. Stall
  3. Price vs. Value
  4. Scheduling Recheck Appointments in the Exam Room
  5. Service Recovery
  6. Smart Devices

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