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In this video, industry leader and educator Dr. Cindy Charlier, DVM, Diplomate AVDC discusses the importance of digital radiography for veterinary dentistry. Dr. Charlier is a board certified veterinary dentist and oral surgeon with over 30 years experience in small animal practice.  She is passionate about educating the entire veterinary healthcare team about the importance of dental health for pets.  

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Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry

  • Dental Anatomy
  • Anatomical Direction
  • Gingival Landmarks
  • Function of the Teeth
  • Tooth Numbering System

Understanding Dental Equipment

  • The Dental Workstation
  • Identifying Hand instruments
  • Maintenance of Dental Hand Instruments
  • Powered Dental Equipment

Dental Radiography

  • Introduction to Dental Radiography
  • Mandibular Radiographs in Dorsal Recumbancy
  • Mandibular Radiographs in Lateral Recumbancy
  • Maxillary Radiographs in Sternal Recumbancy

Dental Procedures

  • Taking History
  • Oral Examination on a Conscious Patient
  • Patient Positioning for Dental Procedures
  • Dental Charting and Examination on an Anesthetized Patient
  • Scaling and Polishing